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1.1. Navigating Mazes: Local and Global Probabilities

Date: <2024-05-18 Sat> Author: Britt Anderson

Sixuan Chen has just had accepted at the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology her manuscript on the use of statistical structure in maze navigation. This is a condensed and improved account of work detailed in her masters' thesis. Sixuan's work builds on other work from the lab in which we tried to determine whether people have distinct probabilistic representations for various aspects of their environments Sixuan was interested in spatial behavior and so designed an experiment where mazes were built programmatically. She could manipulate the reliability of local cues and the consistency of the location of maze goal's, thus having a "local" and "global" probability. She demonstrated that both probabilistic structures independently affected participant choices, but that there was a strong bias to the use of local information even when that policy was sub-optimal.

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1.2. Is Intermittent Updating of Probability Estimates Due to Motor Costs?

Date: <2024-04-30 Tue> Author: Britt Anderson

A decade ago an excellent article with an educational reminder of some forgotten history was published by Gallistel and colleagues. The main method was to observe the trial by trial reports of participants estimating the Bernoulli parameter while observing a sequence of "coin flips" with intermittent changes in the underlying, true, parameter. The main conclusion was that participants were not doing trial-by-trial updating, because their reports showed a step-and-hold pattern of updating. What Julia Schirmeister investigated was a possible motor confound, identified by Forsgren in their rebuttal.

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1.3. Caroline Simpson and Pruning Cascade Correlation Networks

Date: <2024-04-08 Mon> Author: Britt Anderson

For some time now Hanbin and I have been interested in the cascade correlation (pdf) neural network architecture. The two of us played with it some using the code that its inventor, Scott Fahlman, made available on line in Lisp (and again, isn't it amazing to use a programming language that you can run out of the box forty years after it was written).

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