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1.1. Cognitive Modeling of Complex Behavior - The Lorentz Center

Date: <2024-01-19 Fri> Author: Britt Anderson

How Best to Model a Complex Behavior? I recently had the chance to attend a workshop devoted to reflecting on exactly that problem. It was a wonderful experience. Not just because the topic was interesting, and my fellow attendees were smart and fun people to learn from, but also because the venue fostered an environment that allowed one to exit from the day to day pre-occupations and focus in a sustained way.

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1.2. New Theoretical Neuroscience Podcast

Date: <2023-11-14 Tue> Author: Britt Anderson

I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts. However, when it comes to neuroscience, and especially theoretical neuroscience, there are not too many to chose from. So, I want to highlight a new podcast that was just announced on the neuroinformatics mailing list. It is organized by Gaute Einevoll and available from many of the usual sources, e.g. apple podcasts. Currently it is free to listen to, but that could change. There is a Patreon page if you want to support the effort. I have listened to a couple of the episodes and look forward to more.

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1.3. Gain Modulation and Perceptual Switches

Date: <2023-10-27 Fri> Author: Britt Anderson

For many years now James Danckert and I have been interested in the notion of a mental model, by which we mean, loosely, your model of the world and how it works. In some cases this may be an explicitly statistical model (like in our Rock, Paper, Scissors work), but it doesn't have to be. Somehow we also make inferences about things that are not statistical, e.g. whether to go to graduate school or what country, of the ones we have never visited before, would we most enjoy on our next vacation.

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Author: Britt Anderson

Created: 2024-01-19 Fri 11:19