Playing Plinko

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There has been a lot of activity on "updating"; work done in collaboration with James Danckert and the DAAG lab. We have been doing work to identify cortical structures active at the moment of a perceptual updating event, as well as exploring a novel behavioral task that is giving us a lot of data for probing the probabilistic cues that weight evidence for or against an environmental change. Elisabeth St├Âttinger headed up the fMRI task, while Alex Filipowicz is leading the Plinko Team. Most of this work is still in the poster phase. You can find links to those on the Conferences page.

1. Play Plinko

Alex Filipowicz has built a Plinko demo. This is a self-contained version of the python code for running plinko and getting a datafile. Instructions are included. Download it and give it a try. Let us know what you think.

Date: 2015-02-10 Tue 00:00

Author: Britt Anderson

Created: 2024-05-18 Sat 11:05