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1. Code Forum Archives

Our lab has an email "code forum" where we share our interesting thoughts or problems pertaining to anything code related. These topics are often relevant to programming experimental protocols and analysing data. Below are a few of the interesting threads we've had thus far, reformatted for easier reading. For more information, contact Peter DiBerardino at

  • jsPsych Resources: A compilation of useful resources for using the jsPsych library with Javascript; overview of jsPsych logic.
  • Sweave in Emacs: How to set up a Sweave document workflow in Emacs for Ubuntu with output to APA style pdfs; includes installations of knitr, LaTeX, and TeX Live.
  • Order Invariant Solutions: The importance of minimizing assumptions about the structure of your data; examples from working with data.tables in R.
  • Grouping by Variables: How to filter and group by multiple variables in R; differences between data.frames and data.tables.
  • Extracting 'python lists' from a data.table: How to extract length of a python list from inside an R data.table; solutions with loops, vectors, and magrittr piping.

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