Brain Day 2019

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Brain Day is coming to the University of Waterloo this April 8, 2019. All are welcome. The event is free, and we have a marvelous line up of speakers that will cover the full gamut from philosophy of mind, to human decision making, to computational models and tools for neuroscience. Coffee and refreshments will be available from 8:30, with the talks starting at 9:00 AM. The venue will be in the E7 3343. Look for E7 on the campus interative map. A poster with the schedule for the whole day can be found here.

1. Speakers

1.1. [[][John


:CUSTOMID: john-maunsell

  • Breaking Down Attention: Distinct Contributions from Neurons in Different Brain Regions

1.2. Paul Thagard

  • Procedural Creativity in Art and Science

1.3. Michael Arbib

  • Computational Challenges of evolving the language-ready brain

1.4. Vinod Menon

  • Unifying models and theories of human brain function and dysfunction

Hope to see you there.

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